Hey all. Newbie to the forum, so if there’s already a thread on this, someone please point me to it.
22’ Street Glide Special
I just installed the Rockford stage 2 fairing speakers and amp, no bag speakers or 2nd amp.

I also added the garage door transmitter, which required a wire harness as well. It taps into the same port as the audio harness for ignition power. Other than that, the install was pretty seamless, and by the instructions with no real headaches ( except where to stuff all the added harness connections). I used the app to configure the audio and it all works perfectly.

Only problem is, now the battery keeps draining when I ride it. It holds charge sitting for a week, but is weakened after 40 miles or so of riding with the radio on. I plan to ride with no radio this weekend to compare. No battery light or diag codes. Question is, if the battery light is not on, is the system charging? Have I overloaded the charging system with this one add? The garage door transmitter is 1.5 amps, the audio harness added a 40 amp fuse.

Any advise on what to look for? I’ve triple checked that everything is plugged back up. No loose connections that I can find. I know if I go to the dealer now, I will surely pay dearly!
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

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