So I just bought a 1980 Lowrider and I'm preparing to take it apart, check it out and replace what is necessary. It actually rides quite well. It's my first teardown, but I think I'm a pretty decent wrench. But I'm curious about how much I really need to tear down? I know I need to take off the rockers and cylinders and check out the rings, the Pistons, the valves, the cylinders. But taking apart the crankcase requires equipment I don't have. Is that something I need to do if the bike is running OK? Should I take it off and take it to a shop that can handle it?

Similar question about the transmission. I know I can take a lot of the parts off myself, but there are special tools, and special knowledge, that I don't have for others.

Ideally, I would take every nut and bolt apart, every piece apart, clean it, inspect it replace as needed, and put it back together. And while I'm not looking to shortcut anything at all, I'm wondering what I should do and what I should have someone else do and what might not be doing it all?

So there you go: very open ended discussion topic. Basically, what do you do to tear down and rebuild an old bike?

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