View Full Version : 06 Street Bob Intermittent Miiss

03-30-2017, 10:05 AM
My wife's 06 Street Bob has an intermittent miss that is annoying. I changed out the injectors to the 5 port version from the 3 port version about three or four years ago. The bike ran great until last summer on the way back home from Savanna Ga. when it developed this miss again. It had a Vance and Hines fuel pack on it till yesterday. I removed the fuel pack and it's now running on the factory ECM. I took it for a 50 mile ride yesterday and for the first 30 miles it ran great, then, the miss came back for the last 20 miles. I doesn't matter if the tank is full or not. I can happen in any gear at any RPM. It seems like once it starts missing it keeps it up for the rest of the day. Last Saturday we rode and it starting missing pretty much right off the bat. I'd almost say it's heat related but sometimes it does it within a few miles. Anyone experience this?