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09-08-2021, 07:23 PM
New member, asking a question probably every person asks with as many answers as there are people to answer it, but here she goes.

I am finally getting around to upgrading my '12 FXDF. I ride way harder than stock rear suspension allows and I just made the mistake of going in the wrong direction when I swapped out my exhaust going from an El Diablo 2 into 1 to the S&S Grand National. First time I took what I thought was a relatively easy right hander I got the nice feeling of being a tripod and sliding on the bottom heat shield to the point it felt like the rear suspension unloaded a good bit. (I hadn't felt that since I rubbed the cylinder head on my old GL1000 riding it too hard...)

I've done forks because I was already in there replacings a blown fork seal. I went with Racetech springs (rate based on their recommendation) and emulators.

Looking at shocks, I really want more travel and the ride height increase. Looking at 13.5" shocks I think. Seems they give the ground clearance improvement I am needing.

Anybody have experience to point me in a different direction than something low to mid level like a Progressive off the shelf option, 412 or 444 with the HD spring rate or 490 series? I am not against spending money if it is really worth it, but I'm not sure adding adjustment is worth it and I'd rather buy once cry once.

I looked into Worx Trackers, but they are about 3+ months lead time at the moment.

Would Ohlins or Race Tech shocks be worth 2x or 3x the cost depending on the model? Any other brands I should look at or definitely stay clear of? https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20210909/d9ead1605717bf37260ff2e641456b25.jpg

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11-14-2021, 08:54 PM
Fox makes great shocks