Good afternoon guys and gals, I am again a owner of a Harley and proud to say it has been my favorite. Glad to be part of such a good family.
Here are a few pictures of the bike.
Its a 2021 Steet Glide Special (Snake Venom) color.
Upgrades are 0, stage 1 done at home lol( gutted the slip ons, and drilled out most of the honeycomb on the headers( I know is not the right thing to do lol, but right now I cant justify the almost 2 grand or more for full exhaust and a tune.
I recently ordered a AdvanBlack Razor Tour Pack colored match (4 weeks and waiting for it to be shipped)
Lowered 2 inches because God didnt give me enough high lol.
Custum Seat done by BUX CUSTOMS in PA, slimmed down for better floor reachability.

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